Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blessing Into Curse

Blessing Into Curse

During an evening prayer, I saw a vision of an unusually fat and overweight man. His chubbiness in size went far beyond the ordinary kind of obesity to what we would describe as being grossly fat. The vision also showed that this hefty man was having severe difficulty buckling his belt. Immediately, the Spirit said sternly that people have turned His blessings into curses for themselves.

God had intended for this man to be blessed, and therefore gave him a good measure of prosperity and blessings. However, instead of exercising good stewardship of the blessings of God upon receiving them into his life, the man began to self-indulge in them, hoarding the prosperity and blessings to himself and keeping others away from sharing them. He did not channel the blessings to areas of need in others, but lived lavishly with them. In fact, he indulged in such luxury that the blessing of God became a curse to his body instead.

In our time, God has raised up the Joshua Generation to obey and hear His voice, that they may bring His people into the promised land. But God has not left this group of people in the Joshua Generation to their own devices; He has at the same time planned to raise up the Joseph Generation to provide for the Joshua army. The people in this Joseph Generation are those who have the grace, favour and anointing upon their lives (multi-colour coat of Joseph represents the manifold gifts and talents) to bring in the resources and provisions for the advancement of God’s kingdom. Unfortunately, there are some who are called to be part of the Joseph Generation who have not yet risen up to this calling of God upon their lives; and there are also those who have kept these things to themselves instead of providing the body of Christ with the blessings that God has delivered to them.

Isa. 60:5, 11 speaks of God using the gentiles to bless His people. Yes, God is raising up His ‘Joseph’ to go and bring the wealth of the gentiles to His people so that they may contribute to the extension of His kingdom. May the people in the Joseph Generation take heed and remember the covenant God made with Abraham, that we are blessed so that we may be a blessing (Gen. 12:2) when we use the wealth given to us to alleviate the burden upon the body of Christ. If we take the blessings of God lightly and neglect diligent stewardship and integrity over them, then we allow these blessings to become a curse to us instead. For if God can take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for good, so the reverse is also possible, that the enemy could take what God meant for good and turn it to evil against His people.

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